National Guard - Cleaning Liquid

NG0816 Cleaning Liquid - National Guard

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National Guard's Cleaning Liquid is a blend of traditional chlorinated solvents with narrow cut hydrocarbons. The chlorinated solvents provide high cleaning power, while the hydrocarbons increase the T.V.L. of the blend and eliminate the risk of dye removal. The economical formula is fast drying, does not contain any ozone depleting substances and is non-flammable. NG-816 can remove virtually all oil based stains from all types of textiles and fabrics without leaving any residue.

— Economical
— Non Flammable
— Fast drying
— Leaves no stains or rings
— Removes tar, fresh paint, grease, and oil stains from upholstery, fabrics, and clothing

The NG-816 Cleaning Liquid is ideal, but not limited, for use in screen printing, upholstery and automotive industries. You can order your NG-816 through our online store today! To learn more about our products, please leave your inquiries on our Contact Us page.