Sprayway - 823 Fusing machine cleaner

***A823*** Fusing Machine Cleaner - Sprayway (DISCONTINUED)

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ABC Sewing Machine carries the Sprayway Fusing Machine Cleaner from its line of high quality sprays and adhesives. It works well with all our products and has several specialized features:


Designed and produced for the sewing industry
Effectively removes residue from irons, fusing machine belts, and presses
Preserves surfaces and reduces further sticking of adhesives to teflon coated surfaces.
Non-flammable under fusing conditions (Flash Point: 240°C/465°F; Ignition Point: above 240°C/465°F)
Contains highly viscous silicone.

Order your Sprayway Fusing Machine Cleaner from our online store at the most affordable prices. You can learn more about this product and more by leaving us a message on our contact page.

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