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Kick Presser Used

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ABC Sewing Machines is a leading premiere online provider of various sewing, tailoring, and patterning tools and equipment. We carry a wide selection of brands as well as a complete array of machinery and equipment for any of your sewing needs, whether for casual personal use, or for industrial applications.

Currently available is a used professional kick press machine, or kick presser. Made of solid cast iron, this heavy-duty second hand kick press machine is able to withstand hundreds of hours of constant use, and can be used for many, many applications. These include the application of rivets, buttons, snaps, button covers, eyelets, grommets, and many more. Guaranteed to be in perfect working condition, having a kick presser provides ease, speed, and efficiency when applying grommets or snaps, as compared to having to hand press the items mentioned previously. It also helps to ensure that the size of the presses is consistent and uniform, thus saving you from costly or unsightly errors in the items that you are manufacturing. Truly a labor-saving device, a kick presser can be a useful and significant investment, and getting it second hand can translate to large savings as compared to getting it brand new.

So for any and all of your sewing needs, make sure to get your tools and equipment only from reputable dealers such as ABC Sewing Machines. We accept various forms of payment such as PayPal and most credit cards, and ordering is made super easy and is only a few clicks away. Our items are also on hand and are ready to ship at the soonest possible time, so don't hesitate, and place your order now!

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