Original Merrow model 18-E

18-E Merrow Flat Crochet Stitch Machine (Used)
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Featured here is a used, original Merrow 18E Flat Crochet Stitch sewing machine which produces a 3/8" to ½" inch flat crochet stitch that is ideal for use on blankets and garment edges, and can also be used to create accents for other smaller items such as hats, pillows, shawls, gloves and other accessories. It is a high speed machine that runs up to 1400 SPM while still maintaining accurate stitches that stay even and consistent, just like if it was sewn by hand. This speed can help immensely in reducing labor, as well as in increasing production. This is a single needle, single thread machine that can be adjusted to sew at anywhere from 4 SPI to 10 SPI. This machine has been pre-owned but remains in perfect working condition. It is competitively priced compared to a brand new set, and can provide huge savings for you.

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