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Juki LK-1852 Bartack Sewing Machine

Used LK-1852 Juki Bartack Machine

$ 1,250.00


If you're looking for affordable and fully serviceable used sewing machines, then look no further. We understand that in today's competitive market, looking for a high quality yet affordable sewing machine can be a big challenge for many companies. This is why we sell used industrial sewing machines like our LK-1852 JUKI Bartack Machine on our online store. This particular model can accommodate up to 28 stitches maximum and comes in a white color.

Just because our sewing machines aren't brand new, it doesn't mean that they can't deliver the same amount of hiqh quality service other machines offer. To learn more about our line of used sewing machine products, please leave your inquiries on our Contact Us page.

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