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TBW-93 Tae Woo Bobbin Winder

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Never get your embroidery threads in a jam again thanks to TaeWoo's bobbin winder. The bobbin winder allows for easy unspooling of embroidery threads from their large cones to smaller bobbins. These machines get shipped out from South Korea and are made of high quality materials. Each bobbin winder has been designed for maximum durability and efficiency.
TaeWoo bobbin winder can wind two bobbins at the same time.
Induction motor guarantees long service life of bobbin winder.
The bobbin winder allows for flexibility in adjusting of the quantity of threads to fit bobbin size.
Power supply use for AC110V and 220V.

    Model TBW-93
    Speed 3,200rpm
    Power Supply AC110v 50/60Hz 10w
    Weight 12 lbs
    Dimensions 17in x 8in x 4.75in