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The Different Types of Sewing Threads

Joseph Park thread

Choosing the right type of thread is an absolute must if you want to make sure that you get the results that you desire for your sewing project.

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Home-Sewn Gift Ideas for the Christmas Holidays

Joseph Park gift ideas home sewing machines

Make the Christmas holidays a little bit more special by giving home-sewn gifts to your family and friends.

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Preparing Your Fabric Before Sewing

Joseph Park fabrics

Properly preparing your fabric before you begin your sewing project is very important so that the fabric will perform according to your expectations.

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The Different Types of Sewing Machine Feed Mechanisms

Joseph Park differential feed mechanism drop feed mechanism feed mechanism needle feed mechanism puller feed mechanism walking foot mechanism

Feed mechanism is defined as the process by which the fabric is moved forward in the feeding zone of the sewing machine. Explore the different types here.

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An Introduction to the Different Types of Cutting Tools for Sewing

Joseph Park clippers cutting tools scissors shears

Sewing scissors, shears and other cutting tools are among the most important tools for anyone who sews.

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