BAS-311HN Brother NEXIO Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed <br><span style="color:blue">(**Please call or email for pricing and availability.)</span>

BAS-311HN Brother NEXIO Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed
(**Please call or email for pricing and availability.)

Superior Quality and High Speed

The machines provide the highest quality sewing exactly the way it is programmed even at high speed sewing with maximum performance according to each sewing area. With the high functional LCD touch panel that offers easy programming, the preparation time can be reduced.

World’s Top-class Sewing Speed of 2,800sti/min with High Quality Sewing

  • High-rigid feeding commands beautiful stitching even at high-speed sewing
  • Higher rigid feed mechanism was adopted while achieving the world’s top-class sewing speed of 2,800sti/min. With its accurate stitch point, the machine can perform beautiful stitching with stable thread tightening
  • Digital Tension* and Thread Breakage Detector as Standard Equipment
  • The upper thread tension can be controlled digitally with the Digital Tension, providing stable stitching. No more relying on individual feel. When thread breakage is detected, sewing operation is stopped automatically and a warning is given to the operator, leading to the less detectives.

Great Needle Penetration
Powerful motor (550W) outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force.

High Energy Saving
This machine is the most energy-saving programmable electronic pattern sewing machine among its class, while realizing high-speed sewing and strong needle penetration force.

Uniform and Stable Thread Tightness
It realized stable thread tightening at low tension sewing. Excessive or insufficient pressing by the stepping foot can be prevented, enabling a finish with uniform thread tightening.

Easy and Accurate Positioning of Material
You can select a desired work clamp lowering operation from two patterns by changing the memory switch setting (two-step lowering or one-step lowering)

Simple Adjustment
The driver can be adjusted from the side without tilting the sewing machine. This reduces time taken for adjustment and improved productivity when materials are changed.



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