Dual Magnet LED Gooseneck Lamp (12 Inch / 20.5 Inch)

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The LED Magnet Gooseneck lights offer great visibility and strength in hold on a large array of metal surfaces and sewing machine beds.

  • 2 Sizes Available (12 Inches & 20.5 Inches) 
  • 1 touch light ON/OFF (3 brightness settings)
  • Strong Gooseneck with protection sleeve
  • Dual Magnets for strong hold
  • Rubber inserts ensure the lamp will hold in place on any metal surface preventing excessive vibrations or slippage.
  • Reinforced 110V plug included (Can plug directly into most Sewing Machine Servo Motors as well as any household outlet).  Perfect for attaching to the bed of your machine or any metal surface.

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