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Diamond China Marking Pencils - black

Diamond China Marking Pencils

$ 7.80


Diamond China Markers provide an upgrade to the long-used grease pencil in the textile and sewing industry These markers provide versatility, convenience, and ease of use that its predecessor was unable to provide. The unique pigmentation of these Diamond China Markers allow the marking of glazed, glossy and polished items which have surfaces that are naturally resistant for marking. Each marker is created using pigments that are non-toxic, moisture-resistant and odor-free.
Diamond China Markers can be used on plastic, glass, acetate, metal, rubber, porcelain, etc.
Each marker's lead is grit-free and non-conducive.
The markers can be easily sharpened.
6-3/4"s long and 3/8" thick.
A dozen markers come in one box and a carton contains a dozen boxes.

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