3Q Special table top thread trimmer - adjustable

3QSP-US100EZ.HEAD ADJUST 3Q Special Tabletop Thread Trimmer Adjustable
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ABC Sewing Machine offers the highest quality trimmer machines at the most reasonable prices. Our 3Q Special Tabletop Thread Trimmer uses a combination of titanium coated trimmer blades and suction motor to ensure high productivity and efficiency while maintaining safe operation at all times. Its clipper head is easily adjustable in either a vertical or horizontal position. Our machines can be used with all types of fabrics and clothing, including underwear, t-shirts, sportswear, babywear, embroidery and even beddings.


Voltage: 110v-240v
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 400W 1/2HP
Amps: 3.2A
Speed: 2850/3450 rpm
Phase: Single Phase

You can learn more about this product and other trimming machines by visiting our online store. You can also leave us an inquiry on our Contact Us page for more information. For any inquiries or purchase please call or email sales@abcsewingmachine.com  

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