300/1 Metric Pocket Conversion Ruler

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Uniformity between systems of measurements can be difficult at times, especially when you have to deal with one that you aren't familiar with. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help with any necessary conversions. ABC Sewing Machine conveniently stocks Metric Pocket Conversion Rulers for such occasions when the metric system is needed for your measurements. Our rulers are made from flexible stainless materials and measures 1/2 inch x 6 inches. It has increments of 64ths and millimeters on one side and 8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths decimal equivalents on the other.
If you're in need of an accurate tool of measurement using the metric system, then this is the ruler for you. Order yours now at an affordable price through our online catalog. You can get more information about this product by leaving us an inquiry on our contact page.