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FT-24983NT-3Q  Teflon Regular Single Needle Presser Foot

FT-24983NT-3Q Teflon Regular Single Needle Presser Foot

$ 3.85 $ 5.75


Part# FT-24983NT-3Q

High quality presser foots available under the 3Q Special brand name. They are all available at ABC Sewing Machine, Highest quality at the Best Price.

Our teflon presser foot is one of our best sellers when it comes to teflon presser foots.

Suited for applications in which the fabric tends to stick to the metal bottom on most presser foots being used (light leather, pleather, and even used when the fabrics are extra delicate)

Made from a higher grade of steel, all our presser foots are hand polished to ensure smooth movement on all presser foots.


Optional Parts:

  1. Rubber Tip Feed Dog
  2. Teflon Coated Needle Plate
  3. Presser Foot Holder Screw - Generic


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