Important Considerations When Choosing Between Sewing Machine Brands

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Asking the question “what is the best brand of sewing machine out there” is probably just going to get you as many answers as there are people you ask. One person may value the finesse and speed with which a machine can make stitches, while another person may tout a machine’s impressive control features. Even within the brands themselves, there are so many different models of sewing machines available that it might be impossible for you to pick one of these as the best without someone having a word with you about why your choice was not actually the cream of the crop.

If you’re in the market for a new home or industrial sewing machine, it’s good not to focus on just the brand alone. There are other important considerations you can keep in mind to make your choice much easier.

Value for money

Imagine investing in a new sewing machine only to discover after a few months that it is falling apart. If you want to get the best value for your investment, choose a brand and model that has an established track record for quality and reliability. If you have to shell out a little bit more cash than you would for a cheaper machine of lesser quality, then by all means get the more expensive one. Nothing can dampen your sewing experience worse than a machine that doesn’t perform as well as expected.

Choose your vendor wisely

Instead of buying a sewing machine from online stores that can’t demonstrate the equipment’s features to you, or from big warehouse clubs that offer everything else under the sun, purchase one from a dealership with years of experience in the business and have dedicated salespeople who have comprehensive knowledge about the sewing equipment and accessories they sell. These dealerships specialize in selling sewing machines, so they can help you with everything you need to know about the machines, including which brands and models are built to last and which ones have the features you need.

Consider pre-loved machines

Consider getting a used sewing machine from a trusted dealership. They will probably have a variety of recently serviced and restored machines in their inventory, which can save you a lot of money. If you can get one from a friend, that’s also a good idea because you will at least have someone who can personally vouch for the machine’s quality and dependability.

Try before you buy

In order for you to have a good idea about how the sewing machine will perform and how much you will like its features, you need to actually try it out. Find out all the different stitch patterns it can do and how well those stitches come out. Also, try its various control mechanisms, and assess, for instance, whether you like the controls to be electronic or if it’s okay if the machine relies on manual levers and switches. Trying the machine out will also make you more acquainted about the quality of its body’s construction — whether or not it feels robust and will have significant longevity and service life.

Buy with your needs in mind

A lot of times, buying the most expensive sewing machine with new-fangled features is not necessarily the best move you can make. Before buying a machine, always ask yourself what you’re going to use it for, whether or not you need all the extra features or if they are something you can live without, given the kind of tasks you intend to do with your machine. Also, consider what future use you may have for the sewing machine. For instance, if you aren’t doing embroidery stitches now but you are planning to do so in the near future, then getting in a machine that can handle embroidery might be a good idea.

Always research before buying

Lastly, don’t be too eager to buy a sewing machine. It makes great sense to first read up about the equipment you intend to buy. The internet offers numerous great resources that you can use for researching about the product, from the manufacturer’s literature to reviews from actual people who have used the brand or model in the past.

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