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PEGASUS CW600-Series Cylinder Bed Coverstitch

PEGASUS CW600-Series Cylinder Bed Coverstitch

$ 1,950.00


The CW600-Automatic Series in two styles:
  • Electric Type
  • Air Type - Requires air compressor to operate footlift and trimming system

*All ABC Coverstitch units are equipped with Mitsubishi Control box & Servo Motors*

CW600 Oil barrier type, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines

  • Completely block oil leakage, Adopting a state-of-the-art ""Oil Barrier"" technology!
  • Produces beautiful and quality decorative stitches which are soft to the skin.
Fabric weight* Foundation / Light Medium
Lubrication Fully-automatic
Maximum speed* 6,000 sti/min
Stitch length adjustment Dial
Differential feed ratio adjustment Lever that can be adjusted intermittently during sewing
Remarks Feed mechanism, Bottom feed

Depends on subclasses and sewing condition

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