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Pegasus Super High Speed Overlock EX5214-M03/333

Pegasus Super High Speed EX5214-M03/333

$ 1,995.00


The EX Series overlock is known to be the front runner in the industry
  • A Masterpiece of Pegasus' Technology
  • Seams of beauty and delicacy with the ultimate machines
  • Super High Speed Overlock
  • EX5214-M03 is a 4 thread unit
  • ABC Sewing Machine uses Made in USA tabletops for highest quality of completed unit.

Common specifications

Fabric weight* Foundation / Light~Medium / Heavy
Lubrication Fully-automatic
Maximum speed* 8,500 sti/min
Stitch length adjustment Push-button
Differential feed ratio adjustment Lever with micro-adjustment
Remarks Feed mechanism : Bottom feed

*Depends on subclasses and sewing condition

Offered in 2 types:

  • Regular
  • Automatic (Chaincutter, Suction Motor & Tank)

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