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PEGASUS CW500-Series Flatbed Coverstitch

PEGASUS W3500-Series Flatbed Coverstitch

$ 3,350.00 $ 3,400.00


Most Popular and Widely Operated Coverstitch Machine Used in the LA Garment Industry.

With it's leading oil leak prevention technology and lubrication system, the Pegasus CW500 series takes top position in this department of sewing.



# of Needles 2 - 3 Needles
# of Threads 4 - 5 Threads
Needle Space

2-Needle Setup (2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm)

3-Needle Setup (4.8mm, 5.6mm, 6.4mm)

Main Feed Dog's Movement Max 4.4mm
Differential Feed Ratio 1 : 0.5~1 : 1.3*
Presser Foot Lift Max 6.0mm
Machine Speed Max 6,000 rpm

Binding Tape, Covering, Attaching Elastic Lace,

Hemming, Angled Decorative Stitching


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