Pegasus MX-5214/M03/333 4 Thread Overlock
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2 Needle, 4 Thread Overlock (options: REGULAR (no chaincutter) or AUTOMATIC)

- State of the Art Oil Blocking System.

- Major Moving Parts on the MX Series have been surface treated with special materials to ensure longer life.

- With a Max Speed of 8,000rpm, the MX is almost 1000 rpm's faster than most overlocks being used in the market.

- Spare & Replacement parts are always available at ABC Sewing Machine.

- Push Button Stitch Length Adjustment.


Fabric weight* Light/Medium
Lubrication Fully-automatic
Maximum speed* 8,000 sti/min
Stitch length adjustment Push-button
Differential feed ratio adjustment Lever
Remarks Feed mechanism : Bottom feed

*Maximum machine speed is 8,000 rpm*

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